Latest Trends in Children’s Hair

Latest Trends in Children’s Hair

Gone are the days when grandma put the pudding basin around little Timmy’s head and just snipped away to her heart’s content. Today’s kids are just as aware of the latest fashions as the rest of us. Of course, that generally means their hair has to be perfect!

At Ralph and Sydney, we’ve been keeping an eye on the latest children’s hair trends and here are some of tips for parents with style conscious kids.

Hair Design for Boys

Up to a certain age, most boys aren’t really interested in how their hair looks. Once they get into those teenage years, however, things can change dramatically. A lot’s going to depend on how much they’re willing to take care of their hair themselves but certainly for special occasions there are some great choices nowadays.

The latest trend for short on the sides and more volume on top works for kids as well as adults. If you’re heading to a wedding or birthday party, sculpting some interesting design into the hair can make your kid feel like a million dollars. You have the option to go short and spiky too, which is easy to maintain. Alternatively, you can go for a more textured crop that may require at least some product in it.

Teenage kids either tend to go short or long, so hair design has to be tailored to their needs. The buzz fade, however, is not an uncommon cut nowadays, especially for those who want extremely low maintenance and a more masculine look.

Overall, this is normally a time that kids are starting to experiment more and, with the input of things like social media, don’t be surprised if your boy suddenly starts taking an interest in new hair styles – it’s just another sign that he’s growing up fast.

Hair Design for Girls

If hair has become mildly important for the boys, then it’s definitely a serious issue for girls. The problem for parents is there’s so much to choose from. Styles can begin to catch on quicker when peers have a different cut or something appears online. In truth, there can also be some major mistakes along the way. Bad hair decisions have always been a rites of passage thing, as any parent will know.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to work with a good hair stylist.

Mostly girls want to look as adult as possible so everything from short, pixie cuts to long celeb style creations are on the table. The trends for hair styles among teenage girls can also change overnight and celebrity endorsement plays a big factor. Dutch braids are strong contenders – in fact any kind of braiding seems to be attractive to girls who want to stand out from the crowd. If you need a new style for a special event like a family get together or wedding, then classic cuts work well. You can always dress things up with accessories and a few braids to add a little panache if you feel the need to.

Just like the boys, however, girls have their own quirks and style journey as they get a little older. Some will want a fashionable fishtail braid, others will want their hair loose and lightly curled. The bad news is that kids will often dictate the fashion and what needs to be done to keep up with their friends and rivals, so parents may well have to put a firm foot down once in a while.

Building a relationship with a good hair stylist, someone your son or daughter can learn to trust, is always a good idea. Kids are more likely to listen to a third party than they are to their mum or dad. In the end though, hair style is one of the biggest ways that young people can define themselves so you should always try to be as supportive as possible.

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