Latest Trends in Female Hair Design

Latest Trends in Female Hair Design

When it comes to trends in women’s hair, it’s always a question of where to start than anything else. From short and medium styles to long locks, there are plenty of exceptional cuts and colours out there to choose from. The big, blowy style of the eighties has made something of a comeback in recent times and accessorising with everything from scarves to velvet ties is still really important.

Here’s our quick look at what’s hot in hair styles at the moment.

Heading Back to the 80s

While some of the styles of the 80s were a little on the extravagant and worrying side, others have made a comeback in recent times. Actresses like Helen Mirren have made the short, layered bowl cut more attractive than ever and androgynous looks are increasingly popular. There’s even some news that the ponytail and scrunchie are on their way back as well as the infamous teen headband.

As with all things to do with female hair design, however, nothing is ever clear cut. Trends can develop and change in an instant.

Short Hair But No Cut

If you have long hair but simply want short hair for the night there’s an increasing trend to pin up, ply with hairspray and re-sculpture so that you look boyish and androgynous with a close crop for evening. It doesn’t suit everyone but looks absolutely fabulous if you get the right stylist to work on it for you.

Styles for Longer Hair

Buns, half buns, ponies and braids are all part of the mix for 2018 and there are plenty of different options for longer hair. Natural looks are in and curls are still definitely doing the rounds. Long locks have been making a big comeback in recent years and products like Racoon hair extensions are giving the girls plenty of extra body when it comes to those big nights out. Many people just don’t have the time or patience to grow their hair out to a suitable length. Expect extensions to be pretty big and hairstyles to change overnight in the next 12 months.

Styles for Medium Length Hair

Midi cuts are going to be top of the list for many women – it’s that comfortable halfway house between too short and way too long. Soft waves are probably going to be the order of the day as well as styles that are easy to take care of, particularly for working mums. Having said that, perms haven’t gone totally into the great beyond – they’ll still be making an appearance on those big nights out.

Many will be getting rid of their hair dryer this year because apparently air-dried is back in fashion, though we’re not 100{677c65b388f06e8a1372bbe843f9bec68a3dd1c08c0e87ec3408b2ed15d9e2f4} sure why.

Styles for Shorter Hair

Short and cropped is no longer a dangerous hair design for women and many like the sculptured look it gives as well as the low maintenance. Blunt bobs are also making a comeback and waxy pomades are going to be top of some girls’ lists. It can be a big decision when you want to go short – there’s no going back if you don’t like it.

Natural colours and plenty of accessories are also going to be the order of the day for many girls this year. It’s easier in fact to say what’s not in rather than try to cover all the choices that you have out there. As with any important fashion decision, however, choosing the right hair design team to work with you is going to be key.

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