Latest Trends in Male Hair Design

Latest Trends in Male Hair Design

It can be hard work keeping up with all the latest styles and trends. Simply pop on social media and you’ll see your favourite celebs sporting new haircuts that make them look like a million pounds. At Ralph and Sydney, we’re always keeping a careful eye on what’s happening in the world of hair, as you might expect.

Here’s our take on the latest trends and what to look out for:

The Short and Long

It’s still a favourite for many guys and can look contemporary and stylish, especially when you’re in the hands of a great hair stylist. In fact short and long combined is going to be a big trend for some time to come and there’s plenty of choice and variation.

Some are adding extra colour to the fringe which creates a little more body and appeal. You can combine severe cuts around the temple and nape area with a lot of styles, everything from the pompadour to the quiff. You can even throw in the odd bun and undercut if you want.

The Rugged Look

For those who want a look fired with testosterone or love the outdoor life, growing a beard and combining it with long hair is still a favourite. While the man bun may have lost a little popularity over the last year or so, the straggly pony tail is still going strong. It’s a difficult one to pull off unless you have the patience to grow your hair and cultivate a decent beard. You also need to have that rugged face with a hint of danger to really pull it off.

Business Looks With a Contemporary Feel

Shorter cropped hair continues to be the trend for many. Styles like the cropped fringe and high bald fade have become popular, particularly with TV series like the Peaky Blinders. They look neat and stylish without going too far down the route of office drone or 50s Mad Men lookalike.

Slicked back is also going strong in the trend charts, perhaps because it’s something that icons like David Beckham tend to favour. Loose styles that add a little softness to the appearance work better than throwing in too much product. Semi-mohawks are also making something of a comeback and if you want to look good in profile it’s a good choice for that special occasion. The sides are shaved close and the hair should rise from the nape to the forehead but in a softer, fluffier kind of way.

Pompadours and Severe Cuts

Sharp angles and pompadours or quiffs are fairly high maintenance and need regular visits to the stylist to keep on track but if you’ve go a big event it’s an impressive hair cut to go for. Designing into the shaved areas remains a key way to create an individual look that provide that delivers a wow factor off the scale.

Hair Design for the Older Man

Of course, there’s nothing stopping older guys from going for contemporary cuts and if you’ve still got a good head of hair, then why not? Dying your hair has largely gone the way of the dodo and if you really want to stand out, keeping that salt and pepper style not only makes you look distinguished but, with the right cut, can help you stand out at the same time. Classic cuts still work well but there’s always the opportunity to add your own twist on popular styles, especially if you’re working with a good hair stylist.

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